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There's a new Chimp in town

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You might recall a posting about a neighbor buddy of mine who traveled w/me all the way to FoW (~160 mi RT) only to be blown off when asked to view and test drive a F360? We showed up in my 360 and the sales staff was down right rude and could care less about selling a car :cry:

Well, Dudley finally pulled the trigger last week. Dudley bought a 2000 blue/tan 360 6-speed. He plans to join us at the Warbirds & Ferraris event July 10 in Culpeper VA.

Fellow Chimps will like him - young, nice guy, unassuming, family man. His only vice? He played lacrosse for Hopkins.

Here's a couple of pics in my driveway/street


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I have been out of town and not a chance to get to the Church. Plus, having the Great Falls weekly gathering on saturdays and 5 minutes from my house makes it difficult to do 2 back to back. :yikes:

I plan on attending church soon, just not sure which date.
I did Great Falls AND Church last week...had to leave my home at 0600 and got one of the last two spots at Great Falls. Those guys should sleep in and start later.

Good turnout at the Church, all parked by the dumpsters and no "incidents" this past weekend like last week.
Good looking car. I'm glad his interest wasn't lost after the treatment at FoW. I appreciate the exclusivity Ferrari likes to maintain..however there is a line.

I think about half of the people that have approached me talking about "looking at buying a Ferrari" have actually followed through. I've found by being polite and informative 100% of those who purchased return to continue doing business later on. The other half just speak positively on your behalf when a conversation comes up. Both of which are of great value.

I hope he really enjoys the car, and bringing his business elsewhere.
I have a 2013 Ferrari California here in Virginia Beach, Va. Where are you located and do you service Ferraris? Gene
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