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The Search Begins ... and has Finished

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I appreciate everyone's help and advise on vintage 2+2's. I have narrowed my choices down to either a 330 GT 2+2 SII or a 365 GT 2+2. My plan is to now begin the search for the right car at the right price. Periodically I will post updates on progress. Plan is to get a driver, in good condition, which should need not much more than regular servcing over the next several years. Hope to have the car in my garage by next summer. Any and all advise on where to start looking (either Europe or North America) would be appreciated. :work:
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not really
a 330 GTC (wich is seriously cool) goes for around 70.000 - 180.000 US$
a Daytona goes for 100.000 - 180.000 US$

or what about a 365 GTC/4 those are very cool aswell
and usually go for 40.000 - 90.000 US$
how can you forget that car, it's cool and a lot rarer then a Daytona
and it's easyier to drive
yes it is more of a cruiser, and yes this car really does look better in dark colours
last year there was an amazing grey one at Gstaad, man that looked so good
yes, it was in prefect condition and sold for 103.000 US$
and that's funny that you where also at Gstaad last year, normally i'm there again this year aswell
and well i already know for certain that they will have a Daytona, a 250 GT Spider California & a 750 Monza this year
yes the 365BB would be great, but i think that personally i would go for a 330 GTC then, the lines & simplicity on that car is great.
and it might be more rewarding for you aswell, since you already have a 512 BB wich is basically an improved 365 BB
altough a 365 BB (50.000 - 100.000 US$) is normally cheaper then a 330 GTC
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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