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Last summer I got new tires for my 348 GTS, replacing the Michelins the previous owner had put on it.

The mechanic has a buddy at Pirelli here in Switzerland, and they recommended to put the P zero Asimmetrico front and rear, so that is what we did.

However, when I looked at the Pirelli Website, I got the impression that they recommend to use the "Direzionale" in front and the "Asimmetrico" in the rear.

My experience has been that while grip is great, and precision in curves is excellent, on the highway the car is subject to big leaps sideways, especially when there is a lot of rain, but also on the dry road when the surface is less than perfect. Since I sometimes drive in Germany, at high speed, this can be scary.

I wonder if anyone has used the Direzionale/Asimmetrico setup and can tell me about it.

Thanks for feedback
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