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Well another season of formula one has come and gone. I will have to find something to do until March 2003 :roll: .Ferrari pulled off what can be considered as close to a perfect season as anyone could expect. Next year will undoubtably hold new challenges (mostly from the FIA :evil:), but Ferrari will prevail. So looking beyond all of the whinners and washed up has beens that have complained of Ferraris crushing dominance. I will cherish all the great memories that my beloved scuderia brought me in 2002. Because believe or not, we witnessed a part of history being made in the auto racing world. :green:

Forza Ferrari, Michael, Rubens, Ross, Jean, Paolo, Luca di, Luca B, Luciano,Rory, and everyone at the factory..... :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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