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the next Ferrari?!?!

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Check this site out for info on the new '575' or is it the new '456'?? :wink:
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The door is a little too close to the rear wheel opening to be a 2+2, 456 replacement. So it definitely is a 575 replacement. It is known that the 575 is an interim car before the next two-seater luxury GT.
Peter is right, there isn't enough room for a 2+2, so it has to be the next 575
I saw a wickedly disgusting spy picture of what was thought to be the 456 replacement--dubbed as the 460.

It basically looked like a 575/550 with 2 feet added on...

Really disappointing-- i think it will be hard for ferrari to top the styling on the 456.
I trust Ferrari will do a good job... I even like the Enzo Ferrari. 8)
Borf, that pic you mention was that the one with the really long nose??
i think it was in a Forza
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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