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The Discoball Rally is a cross country road rally from San Francisco, CA to Key West, FL. We do not discriminate in choosing who enters and in what car. It is first come, first serve.
We have put a new twist on the cross country rally scene. We are also doing a nation wide scavanger hunt. There will be one item to pick up between every location. For those of you who complete the rally and have all of the items, you will be entered into a drawing for $200,000.00 cash.
The entry fee is $10K and that includes rooms, breakfasts, dinners, drinks, parties, and a memory that will last forever.
The event starts in SF on July 1st. We are working on getting a hotel that can accomidate the size of our crowd.
There will be 6 stops in between SF and Key West. The total mileage comes out to approx. 5500 miles. That makes this the longest rally in North America. We are working on getting media attention right now, and have several leads that may land us on cable TV.
I am doing all of my promoting through MySpace. That is how I found this forum and many others.
Please visit and read the blogs for all of the info on this wonderful event.
The proceeds from the Discoball Rally 2007 will be donated to The Lance Armstrong Foundation.
And yes we are looking for sponsors!!!
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