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After moving my driver’s seat in my 550 Maranello to the farthest forward and as high as in would go so I could vacuum the beast, the seat did not want to go into reverse. The fuse box for the left seat is in the auxiliary fuse panel. It was not easy to open. Nuts, the fuse was good.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I, with my wife, are going to Hollywood in my sweet thing. It will take me about an hour or so to reach the cemetery. YIPES!!! I cannot sit, let along drive my 550. A midget might but I cannot drive it this way. My friend will not be called on a Sunday. Bummer.

Looking at the undercarriage of the seat, I spied a metal tube going across the seat. It is connected to a small motor. If I can turn the tube, the seat will move. In my tools is a vise grip, which would either turn the tube or break the tube. I do not care. I must to go Hollywood tomorrow in my 550.

After securing the wrench, I decided to try it one more time. The seat moved back. The amount was very small. I had to click the switch over 300 times for it to move to my position. Of course, that is only one of three sittings. The back is now also good. The back only cost me four hundred clicks. I am too high yet. It will also take many clicks to move it into my position. I no longer care. My machine will take me to the Masquerade Party. I met the couple who is organizing this event last Saturday at Meguiar’s Corporation headquarters.

Please also understand my car is decorated for the event.



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Bart, not sure if your mechanically inclined, but you should unbolt your seat and check all connections to your motors and check for any obstructions in the track. And it could be it needs a little grease to help the motors function. Usualy when seats are at their maximum, it puts alot of strain on the motors to bring them back.

Seats either work or they dont. Its either an electrical problem that juice is not getting there or its something after it get to the seat harness. Once you get your seat out, check with two alligator clips, plug and crimp two wires to it, place it on your battery and feed it to the seat. Check for the ground and positive wires with a test light first. Then...ground it, then apply juice to either forward/reverse, up/down pins and see if your seat works. If it doesn’t work, follow the wire it could be broken/frayed, the fix it.

If it does work without any problems, its your door switch or a broken/frayed wire going to your seat. Then…good luck if you want to venture that far. I would because I have done it before with a window up/down problem going to the center console switch. I found the problem, but it was a pain.

I know your not going to reply so…your welcome ! :lol:
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