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I did this for another forum and thought some people here would be interested. All prices are approximate (and from memory ;)) and in UK pounds.

It gives an idea of what can be done to a 348, especially when doing an engine out service.

For reliability:

  • Refurb and upgrade alternator with better parts (£40, Parts £65 plus removal & fitting)
  • Check alternator bracket and replace if cracked (£30)
  • Refurb aircon motor fan in front luggage bay (£40 plus removal and fitting which is very easy)
  • Replace OEM tensioners with Hill engineering tensioners (£220)
  • Change all belts, cambelt, alternator, air-con. (£90 ??)
  • Replace all hoses worth silicon hoses (£120)
  • Replace all other hoses ie: oil & fuel etc
  • Check fuel hoses for cracks and replace if necessary (they can easily crack if over tightened - £220)
  • Replace water pump (Optional. Never heard of a water pump going, but you can never be too careful as it shares the cambelt - Cost £650 new or £200 for the ebay rebuilt version)
  • Check and recore/replace radiators as required (Cost £1,000 new or £200 for recored)
  • Change radaiator sensor (£9)
  • Change oil temprature sensore (£15 for non Ferrari or £75 for Ferrari)
  • Check the header tank (water tank) at the bottom for corrosion. Replace/repair as necessary. (Cost me £75 for a used one)

For performance:

First thing you need to do is put it on a rolling road or hub dyno and see how much power the car has. If it has significantly low power, then do a compression test. After you do all the things below, take it back to the same place and do the test again and then compare. I ended up witha significant increase of power of around 10%.

  • Use NGK iridium spark plugs
  • Replace OEM spark plug leads with Magnecors (£170)
  • Do the cam timing (I got an extra 30bhp+ from just doing this)
  • K & N air filter (£50)
  • Ensure throttle cable is not too loose (doesn't cost anything to do)
  • Remove OEM cats and replace with Hyperflows (£800 plus fitting)
  • Change the 348 wheels for 355 magnesium or other 18" wheels (£750+)
  • Get the valves done (£400???)
  • Coat manifolds with zircotec which reduces engibe bay temp (I should have done this!!! - £240)

For handling:

The 348 gets a lot of criticism for it's handling. The main problem is because most 348's don't have them refurbished or sorted out. It's very sensitive to change. To get the car at it's best, it's recommended to do the following:

  • Refurb dampers (£60 plus vat plus removal and fitting cost) and change the rubber bits at the ends.
  • Replace suspension bushes (Between £500 to £1,000 depending on wether you get OEM rubber or poly bushes - plus fitting and removing is a pain))
  • Do a full geometry setup by someone who knows what they are doing (£400 plus £45 for a set of Hill Engineering shims)
  • Balance tyres (£40)
  • While your at it, have the wishbones powder coated if necessary (£40)

To enhance the driving experience:

  • Get a Tubi, Capristo or X-OST exhaust system (Anywhere from £500 used to £2,000+)
  • Carbon sports seats (£2,000)
  • 360 Challenge steering wheel (£180)
  • AP Racing brakes (awesome) - £1,800
  • Traction control system (ok- so maybe it won't improve driving experience :D - £800 plus fitting)
  • HID main lights (£99 plus fitting)

For looks:

  • Stripe - option from £350 :D
  • 355 bonnet vent - (£250 plus painting and fitting)
  • White side indicator (replace the old orange ones - £50 off ebay)
  • Carbon fiber bits for interior (£800 to £2,000+)
  • Red start button - (Just like the 360CS & 430's - £60 from ebay for Honda S2000 or £250 for Ferrari version - plus fitting)

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Sounds like you've been busy, and it sure is a well sorted and cared for car.

Without adding up the figures, wouldn't you have been better off just saving the money you'd spent on the car and changes and buying a 360 CS and just spending the £350 on your Scuderia stripe;)

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Very informative post. It is nice to see when someone actually takes the time and effort to keep up the car.


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Very Informative List

Unfortunately, the stock market has to recover WAY more ( even after todays 7% gain ) before I can contemplate most of these items.

My speed for now is to check that the throttle cable is not too loose. I may stretch the budget and go for the spark plus also.

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