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The 348 - reliability? - running costs?

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Does anyone on this forum own a 348, as I'm considering purchasing either an early one (would be left hand drive) or a Porsche 993 :evil: , and would be grateful to receive some advice with regards reliability and running costs.
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Bazil's your man. He's got a 348TB (lucky so & so!) :green: Running costs can be high if you include Police fines :lol:
A number of our users have these. Bob348, Bazil, Justynb frafreda, and nico.

Really there are not in major problems other than the regular maintance. Because it is a Ferrari it is high. But the 993 engine is a bitch to access and always has to be dropped to be worked on. This is a downside as you cannot do the work yourself.

Take a look at the "Tech Tips" section by clicking in the main naviagtion above. The last two tips are both for a 348. Hope this helps. Welcome to the site.

I'm off to work in a minute, so don't have time to answer this now - but I will do this evening, when I get home.

Until then...

buy a 348 !

shure that a 993 is a good car and certainly better quality made...but you will never have same pleasure like You could have in a 348....
I was wondering too before to buy my 348 ....maybe a porsche ??? and I have no regrets...I have done about 20 000 km in 2 years and I had to make myself : the cluch (the car is 70000km now !), the AC compressor, and the starter. i think that is common on 348 and dont cost a lot...One thing more to choose the Ferrari: The melody of the V8 !
Running costs can be high if you include Police fines
Very true. :lol:
Sorry ygb - totally forgot about this.

Rather than answering - have a read of the following threads. Everything I could say now, I've said before in answer to similar questions:

Hope this helps. Obviously, if you have any more specific 348 questions, I'll be happy to help.

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