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the 10 best Ferrari roads in the world?

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OK this is an old old topic I started about two years ago. I'm still very interested in writing my own article about this topic.

So now you the user please give me some info to research :green:

What do you think is the best road (not track) to drive your Ferrari? Also do you know of any historical roads that are rooted with Ferrari? I'm guessing some of the old Mille Miglia racing routes would fall in this category?
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The Stelvio Pass in Italy has to be on the list.
Bazil said:
The Stelvio Pass in Italy has to be on the list.
Do you have some links with info/details about this?

Look at the pictures on the home page - you'll understand!!!
I downloaded a video of a Lotus "climbing" the road looks fantastic imagine with a ferrari :D
Testarossa BR said:
I downloaded a video of a Lotus "climbing" the road looks fantastic imagine with a ferrari :D
I believe in F355 Challenge for the PS2, there is an unlockable video of a 355 B traversing that road.
Bazil said:
That is awesome! :eek:ha:
the ten best drives in the world.....well at leats one would have to come from the world of OZ and not the european hillside.

so i suggest the road that i personally like the best which i have not been down to often...

and that is the Great Ocean Road.

its a long stretch of highway which stretches its way alkong the twisty coastline of victoria...its not so much the road which is the drivers challenge but more the drivers pleasure...

it has plenty of great places to stop where you can walk out to the edge of the massive cliff faces which drop of the coastline. this area is the home of the Famous Twelve Apostles. and therefore is a great tourist spot.

further down the road there is one point where the road feels like you are driving on a floating look out the window and can see the ocean a fair way under you...

its the scenery and the pleasure of the drive which i believe would make this road a contender of the top 10...

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles At Sunset

One of the Beaches

A section of the road

Another nice happy snap
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I-15 Thunder Road from Southern California to Las Vegas.
I have heard many times that the Snake Pass going from Glossop towards Sheffield via the A57 is one of the greatest drives in the UK. I'd also say Lombard street, but it could scratch up your wheels a little bit;)

Here are some great ideas.. I can attest to the greatness of California's Highway1, Washington's roads around Mount Rainier, Colorado's US 550, and Montana's US 212. These are all fantastic roads that are exhilarating to drive.
I've driven down the Great Ocean Road up to the 12 Apostles but not in a Ferrari though. In a rented Mitsubishi saloon. :) Yes it would be a nice drive in a Ferrari, especially the road through the forest reserve. However Australia is not the place to break the speed limit because the cops will be on your back before you can reach home. A firend of mine tried to run from the cops when driving his 360 in the Perth outback and the Police hunted him down in a helicopter when they failed to chase him in their cars. The helicopter landed on the road and the officers had their rifles drawn, waiting for him.

For me the great Ferrari drives would be the route that has the most tunnels. The aural ectacy is what seperates the Ferrari from other sports cars. As for the Stelvio Pass, do it only in the late model Ferraris. Because the 80s and early 90s models can be scary when driven at speeds down the mountain, unless it's like a Sunday drive. First of all the brakes in the older models are not adequate. They fade very fast. Secondly the roadholding are not on par with the mid-90s models onwards. Istead of enjoying the drive you'd be sweating cold sweats.

Sorry for my frank views.
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Stelvio looks a little too dangerous and I'm betting is hard on the car either directions. Up hurts the tranny/engine, down the brakes.

Lets keep the roads coming. I want to make a cool story about this.

Another road I would add to this list is Japan's 136 from Atami to Shimoda. It twist along the eastern Pacific coast of what they call the Izu Pennisula. I'm sure there are other great roads here as it is a mountanous country.
South Africa - The drive from Cape Town down the coast along the Indian Ocean to Cape of Good Hope and back via the coast road along the Pacific Ocean must rate one of the most scenic in the world.

I did that once in 1999 and again in December last year. The road is first class and the view is spectacular. You have to include this in your list. It's better than the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australian
Kancamagus Hwy. through the White Mountains in New Hampshire is a cool drive.
Covered bridges, scenic outlooks, roadside waterfalls, etc. I'll get some pics for you within the next few months. I'm going to take a trip to get some potential calendar pics.
hwy 1 in california, or Key west HWY
Since I never drove a Ferrari, I cannot commend on this BUT may I suggest Vialli Trento Tieste (or something like that) in Maranello, Italy?

i have to agree with Bart. Great Ocean road is amazing. A bit long, but great nonetheless. Another road is one behind my house, which me and a couple of pals nicknamed the "monte carlo" because of the number of chicanes and nicely paved road.
for me the best road to drive a Ferrari is Spa-Francorchamps or Laguna Seca :)
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