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I just got my 355 back after a year off the road getting a major going over and i have a problem with the ABS light coming on. (this is a TEVES system, not Bosch)

If i play with the system at rest, everything seems to work normally. ignition on. pump starts (if necessary) light goes off, pump stops. If i turn off the ignition and pump out all the vacuum and turn on the ignition again, the pump again runs, after about 10-15 seconds the light goes off and after another 10-15 seconds the pump stops.

If i have the ignition no and pump the brakes fast and furiously the pump starts and eventually the light comes on until i stop pumping and then the pump stops.

all the above seems perfectly normal to me.

however, once driving the abs light comes on and stays on. i've put the fuse in the test slot...turned on the ignition...light comes on for a couple of seconds and turns off. no codes flashing.

the local dealer says it's the pressure switch, but that just doesn't sound right to me. any ideas?
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