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Just got back from Germany, i went to vist Techno Classica in Essen.
one of the biggest indoor classical event.
and what would be a car event without Ferrari, nothing ofcourse so there where several present.
Among the more "regular" Ferrari's on several stands included:
Daytona Cabrio (giallo) :D
330 GT 2+2
512 BB
365 BB
Dino 246 GT
Dino 308 GT4
330 GTC
330 GTS
even a 288 GTO.
then on a dealer stand, there was a 500 Mondial!!!!!

after seeing some more halls, i came to a seperate hall for Coys for the auction they are holding there this weekend, entry was seperate to pay and you got a cataloque with it.
Needless to say that i went in, and luckely for me not a lot of people felt like paying extra for that hall.
And here where some really sweet cars:
250 GTE
275 GTB/4
365 GT 2+2
365 GTC/4
and also on the stand of Coys was a 250 LWB California Spyder
wich was there for sale by a private entry.
So after drooling a while there, and ofcourse shooting lot's of pics
i stroled along to the last halls, and there a find a stand of the Ferrari Club Germany.
And here a started drooling again
250 GTO
250 SWB Comp
250 LM
250 TDF

And at last i came across the 330 GTC Speciale of Princess Liliane de Rethy

As you can see from the list it was sure worth the visit :wink:

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Also, it's nice to see a European version as that model mostly went to the US. At the risk of being sacreligious, I've always thought it was more handsome than the Daytona.
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