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talking about a nice resale

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so i just got back from my tendist
and i knew he was expecting a brand new 360 Spider F1 during the summer.
so one of my first questions to him was when i walked thru the door, how much are you having with your latest toy?
his short reply: NONE
my expression: :-?

apparently somebody offered him a pretty nice deal before he even took delivery of the car., so they went together to the dealer when the car came in. and he inmeddiatly made an offer on it.
so eventually my dentist kept the car for about 2-3 weeks and was "allowed" to drive it for 1000 km and then it was bey bey new Spider
and a very nice check with a fun €10.000 profit
how about that.
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I wouldn't mind flipping cars for a living. :eek:ha:
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