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Talking about a BAD rebody

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look what they did to that poor 330 GT Series II


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Lets not be too harsh on this 'one-off' :wink: Maybe Drogo was a little 'uninspired' the day he penned this one....But under it all, it is still a Ferrari :p
This car is s/n 7979GT. As previously mentioned, it is a 330 GT 2+2 that was rebodied in 1969 by Piero Drogo for Luigi Chinetti. At the time of the rebody the car was painted a light gold color and became known to Ferraristi as the "Golden Car." It has resided in Washington, DC, Georgia, Texas, and is currently offered for sale by Heritage Classics here in Los Angeles for $48,500.

I saw this car at HC a couple of months ago. It was back in the shop area and looked to be in a very run-down state. These photos are the same ones presented by HC in their adverts for the car and, either some cosmetic work has been done since I last saw the car, or the photos do a good job of hiding its true condition. Either way, it is still a horrendous molestation of a perfectly decent 330 GT that never deserved to spend its life looking like this.

By the way, it is not the first Drogo disaster. 250 SWBs s/n 2067 and 2209 GT were both rebodied by Drogo into something similar to this 330 GT. Luckily, 2209 GT has since been returned to its original SWB bodywork and 2067 was later rebodied to look like a GTO.
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All I can say is - That is one Butt-Ugly car!
you are right it was some gold color, i've come across a scale model of the car, wich showed the car in an pretty bad color
in the new local modelcar magazine this car is mentioned since Ilario came out with one in the 1/43 scale. They state that it was Navarro, a night club owner from Naples gave his own 330 and his own drawing of how he wanted the car to be to Drogo. On the sides of the car, the name Navarro should be mentioned.

Looks like somebody had a bad nightmare then got up and built it. UGGGGGLY!!!!!
Another ugly Ferrari.

Zagato styled.


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Front view

This is the front view. From any angle it is bad. Very 70's.


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Looks like a Euro brain fart batmobile....

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn thats ugly....wouldn't own that even if it was given to me !
If someone gave it to me, I would take it back to Modena and get it rebodied again.
Boxer said:
If someone gave it to me, I would take it back to Modena and get it rebodied again.

Good one.....but, living in Europe does help....would be expensive from Canada

it would be worth the extra pennies to get it re-bodied, ugh!
Bad idea

330 GT 2+2 Series I Drogo Coupe chassis 7979 GT

In 1966 Italian night club owner Norbert Navarro bought a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 . Apparently he wasn't too pleased about the appearance of his car. Guess he bought it blind! He made a sketch of how this car should have been and persuaded Piero Drogo to accept this new design. Drogo cleaned up Navarro's design, and built the car.

"The nose was stretched into a long dropping snout - the rear was given a number of extra inches too and looked squarer and sharper with the tall and narrow fins".

Italo-american Ferrari agent Luigi Chinetti gauged it just the right size and appearance for the US market !!!!

No accounting for taste.
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woodenwheel said:
Zagato styled.
I think I saw that car in person. I can look up some more photo's if anybody is interested?
Poor 330 :-(
How can someone prefer this styling to a 330?? :s
I think Luigi Chinetti is the same who build the firs Ferrari in Universal body, it was based on a330GT too. I don't remember exactly, I can be wrong.
Those are unbelievably crappy looking...

The people responsible should be beaten severely and banished from Fcar ownership for life.
it's FUGLY! piero drogo must have had too much lambrusco when designing that turd! or maybe he didn't like luigi chinetti too much
GoonerAmerica said:
The people responsible should be beaten severely and banished from Fcar ownership for life.

I second the motion....hahaha!!!!!

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