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Taking 360 to the track

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New to this board and Ferrari as a brand. Bought a 360F1 that I want to take to the track. Can't find any track tires other than slicks - I want to drive to and from the track- that closely match the stock dimensions in terms of rolling radius. What do you guys use, if anything?
What about pads? Is there a Ferrari equivalent to Pagid for Porsche?
What about bras? Can't find a colgan and 600 for a speed lingerie is the price of a respray....
Looking forward to answers.
All the best
JM :roll:
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The trouble with Ferrari 360 pads is they have a sensor that's placed in a small slot, cut into the front pads. Yes you can get Pagid for the 360 but they'll be without this slot. So your brake warning light will be on all the time. If you don't mind that, then use the Pagid by all means.

The Challenge cars use bigger calipers and discs, so they're no help.

Tyres, use either Pirelli Rosso Corsa or Michelin Pilot Sports Cup. They're semi-slicks with shallow grooves and suitable for the road bu fantastic on track.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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