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Hello proud Ferrari owners,

I am new to the community, from Switzerland, I just bought my first Ferrari. I'm 35 so this is a big achievement for me.
Anyways, I found an exceptional 2007 unit with 11.000km (less than 7k miles), and 10 stamps at ferrari dealers (one each 1.000km / year...crazy!)

On top of that it's got a hell of a lot of extras (bucket seats, individual color 60 anniversary "grigio ferro", leather everywhere, challenge wheels, cabron ceramic brakes, carbon interior, engine bay and intake, rollcage, etc.. 70k chf (almost 70k$) in extras.

I'm totally in love with it as I believe its a very unique combination.
I didn't want my first Ferrari to be red.

Quick question, I know the exterior color name is "Grigio Ferro" (steel gray in italian) and I believe the interior is Cuoio with beige stitching but i'm not 100% sure. Would you confirm that? It's like a light brown / tan.


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