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Switzerland: a drive for kids

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To Ferrari owners living within driving distance of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Had the idea in mind for a while: spend an afternoon with kids to share our priviledges and offer to children who perhaps were not as lucky as ourselves some fun time, an opportunity to smile and, maybe, realize a dream.
Spent a little bit of time looking & contacting a few people, without much success until an opportunity was thrown my way, so here's the deal.

Who : Foyer de Romainmôtier, an internat which belongs to the Fondation Jeunesse & Famille ( and currently hosts 5 orphans and 6 kids whose families can't or won't take care of. Seven boys and 4 girls form 7 to 15yo.
When: Sat May 21st or Sat June 4th (depending on availability & weather)
Where: meet in Crissier at 1pm, drive to Romainmôtier (25km)
Tentative program:
-arrive in Romainmôtier, perhaps a surprise for the kids
-departure in semi-convoy for a drive on the charming roads of the Jura Vaudois. Will arrange a nice itinerary.
-photos, drinks&snacks in a mountain restaurant
-kids swap cars and we continue the loop back to Romainmôtier

Feasibility relies ENTIRELY on the number of participants. We need 11 cars minimum, 13 or 14 if we want to take the staff, otherwise they'll meet us at the restaurant. So far I have 7 Ferraris signed up.
If the quorum is not reached, the alternative is to make small loops around the restaurant (in the surroundings).
Made no promises, but I really would like to make this happen and the staff is very enthusiastic & touched by the idea. The kids would have a great time.

I'll be grateful if those who can commit to participate can contact me via email or pm, and gather owners they know to join.

Please, if you pledge to come, show up. It's for kids ...
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I would also suggest inviting the Maserati owners at: as there are many Swiss owners on that site.
I am not sectarian or snob, but for kids (and many other people), Ferraris are Ferraris, and the rest is cars, no matter how nice they are.
This has to be a special afternoon for these kids, so I am hoping to have a panel of special cars too !
ze_shark, What a great initiative ! :D If Lausanne was a bit closer I would try to participate.
To close the loop, the event took place on June 4th, there was a very mixed and nice set of cars (M3's, Porsches, Ferraris, a Lotus and an RS6) and, judging on the smiles on everyone's face, it was a great success. Very likely to make this a recurring yearly event.
There are 80 or so pics in
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