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Swiss or east France owners interested in a track day ?

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I am considering the organisation of a trackday at the Circuit du Lacquais, in Champier (200km from Lausanne, 140km from Geneva).
The idea is:
- informal event, drive, have fun, and bring the car safely home in the evening
- week day in May or early June, preferably Monday or Friday
- around 20 participants (friends & colleagues)
- NOT a Ferrari-only event
- 100€/150CHF fee, lunch not included

Trying to gauge if I can gather enough 'interested in principle' participants to investigate further.

Anyone would like to join us ?
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does a Golf count :lol: :green:

too bad it's during the week, else i might have considered driving over
A Golf counts, yes (although I am allergic to diesel :) ), and we could certainly use the support of a skilled photographer.
Week day is a must to have some flexibility on dates and lower track rental fees.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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