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Sultan of Brunei

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Does anyone have any major information on his Ferraris and all of his exotic car collection? A website would be helpful.
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I have this in the 1:43 scale. It is a cool model, but I never understoo why the Sultan of Brunei have a fetish for shooting break versions.

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I have that one also, but the dark mettalic blue version
i find that color more beautifull
I know this topic is old, but I will still give it a try ...

Among the Ferraris of the Sultan are:
- Several F40s (different colours, RHD, leather interior)
- Several F50s (RHD)
- Several FX (based on F512 M with ProDrive F1 gearbox)
- Several F90 (based on Testarossa)
- Several Mythos Replica's (different colours, RHD, coupe)
(not the original Mythos, which still is in Japan)
- Several 456 Venice (Station Wagons, Spiders, Sedans)
- Manynormal Ferraris (288 GTO/E, F1s, F355s, 550s etcetera)
- The one and only 550 Spider

Lots of cars (especially the normal ones) were sold in the last two years and went to the UK and New Zealand.

The 550 Spider is a one-off, made by Ferrari for the family of the Sultan. I saw this car in Monaco last year. See (check album Monaco 2002 - On the Road). See also articles in Cavallino and Forza.

Greetings, Edvar
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hmm didn't knew of the 288 GTO
i do have some pics of those mythos's, it's the one with the hardtop right??

and i know that pic from the 550 spider, i saw it in Forza, or is it another one that looks a lot like it
Yes, the Mythos are with hardtops.
The picture of the 550 Spider in Forza was made by my brother. It was also shown in Cavallino. And you can also see it on my website,
Grtx, Edvar
Yes, I have heard of the Sultan's rather elaborate, to say the least, car collection. If I recall, I read an article on it in the (Austalian) Wheels magazine a few years ago. They only devoted a couple of pages to a collection of such significance.

Some of the cars are masterpieces, but some are downright weird. I didn't know that he had any Aston Martins, I thought that his collection was largely Ferraris, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. You learn something new every day!
he also has a bentley jeep
and ofcourse a merc clk gtr
MeanRex said:
"His collection includes .. 3 Cizeta V16Ts,(
Correction - he owned only 2 of the Cizeta vehicles, both were black.

Now, what is truly amazing (actually horrifying in my opinion), is he sent both cars to Pininfarina and had the engines pulled and replaced with 512TR engines and gearboxes, and the interiors of the cars gutted and replaced.

One car was fully finished and resides at the Marconi museum, the other car only the mechanical work was completed (missing interior and other parts). The wherabouts of the original engines are unknown.
Regaring the car in the Marconi museum: I know that they have one FX (dark blue), based on the F512 M. They also have one of the 456 Venice Cabrios, featured a while ago in Forza. But do they also have the Cizeta? Or are you perhaps referring to the FX? Just wondering .... Grtx, Edvar
Nope, I know what the FX is (it's blue). The Cizeta is a fairly recent edition parked near the back wall close to the F-40s
(hope the link works)
Thanks for the information and pictures! Next year I will be in California and I will certainly try to visit this museum .... Grtx, Edvar
Jet-X said:
Nope, I know what the FX is (it's blue). The Cizeta is a fairly recent edition parked near the back wall close to the F-40s
(hope the link works)
that front looks so hard like a diablo
If I remember correct the same people were involved, Dirk! So no surprise there!

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