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Sultan of Brunei

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Does anyone have any major information on his Ferraris and all of his exotic car collection? A website would be helpful.
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Shooting Brakes are the English name for station wagons converted from sports cars. Started by Aston Martin so us British folk could spend our Sundays on the country estate shooting foxes.

From memory Aston made the DB5 SB, and a few more models which look rather nice! Farrari made the 456 SB and ive seen pics of a Daytona too.

Right its almost the weekend. Time to dust off the Shooting Brake. Tally ho! Must dash! Im late for my tea and crumpets!
The guy who owns GUESS Jeans also has a 550 Maranello Spider. I passed his house in Beverly Hills (as you do), and spotted it in his drive. Along with 2 360's, 2/3 Bentleys, and a Range Rover or two. I might have some pics somewhere, and i'll post them if I ever find them.
I was told it was his house. I didnt ring the bell to find out, but I was on one of those tacky tour buses showing the houses of the rich and famous when they announced it. Nice house too!

Im gonna have to did up those phots now....
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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