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In order to make the organisation of our tech tips book user friendly to both new and old users, I suggest to use a TOC format identical to the WSM's ie:

Section A: General

Section B: Engine

Section C: Injection / Ignition System

Section D: Clutch / Gearbox

Section E: Steering

Section F: Suspension & Wheels

Section G: Brakes

Section H: Controls

Section I: Air Temperature Control System (HVAC)

Section L: Electrical System

Section M: Bodywork

We would then "file" each article under one of these main sections, such that they would be visible from an expandable list (the usual + box to the left of each section)

Does this cover all bases? Comments?

Something I'm curious about, however, is why there is no Section J or K in Ferrari's WSM's TOC? Can someone more experienced than I with Ferrari documentation explain? Taz?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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