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My new to me (6 weeks) 85 QV has completely stopped running the last 3 times I have driven it. It starts fine (completely cold) and runs fine for approx 6-7 miles (5-10 minutes), but the first stop light I pull up to; it dies and is very difficult to restart. It has taken 5 minutes or so to restart, and requires several cycles of turning the key all the way off and and back on.

Once it "catches", it revs to around 3,000 rpm and stays there for a minute or two, without my touching the throttle. After that it runs and drive great!

The local Ferrari dealer could not duplicate the problem when it was in for cam belt replacement, so I'm wondering if any of you have experienced something similar.

I have a driving trip planned to Las Vegas in a few weeks but will have to take the "modern" car if I can't solve this mystery.

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Sounds like you've got a bad electrical connection somewhere in the ignition system. The "marginal" connection allows the car to start and run when cold but as current passes through it it heats up and the resistance increases until it is so high that there is not enough voltage left to fire the ignition. The car dies. While you are trying to restart it it cools down enough, and the resistance decreases, that it can catch and then it is just fine.

What I would do is start at the distributor and work all the way back to the battery, unplugging and inspecting every connector. Look for any connector that is dry, looks dirty or has some corrosion. Buy a can of electric kleen to spray on them and a little tube of dielectric grease and put that on the connectors when you plug them back in. Give the fuse panel a good look too. It might be time to replace the fuse panel, an easy job that you can find guidance for in this Workshop section. You may want to pull the fuse panel off and take a look at the back of it. (unhook the battery first!)

Not sure if the QV has any electric controls for the fuel injection but if it does you'll want to check all those too.

Checking the electrical connections is something that can cost thousands by taking it to a dealer that charges $100/hr and there is no guarantee he will find anything. It is a simple enough job to do yourself and you will learn a lot about the car by doing it.

All electrical connections must be clean and tight!!
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