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I have the original Blaupunkt tape-deck in my car and recently installed (well, in one door so far) Koss three-way speakers. I'm trying to keep the car as (visually) original as possible and avoid adding additional speakers/amps/woofers/etc... The main goal is to get it to work and be done with it.

The tape-player doesn't track well, but listening to radio stations is fair. Once I fix my accessory power socket, I'll be able to use my Discman and play home-burnt CD's with a cassette adaptor during those long boring drives...

(Okay, before you get ready to flame me about a boring drive in a Ferrari... I don't get bored, its an awesome experience. But I've done several multi-hour drives on straight highways and the constant drone of the engine is... dull.)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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