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Steering rack replaced?

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Anyone had experience with replacing the steering rack ass'y on any of 302/328/Mondial? I'm curious about how difficult the job is & whether there are any traps or tricks to be forewarned about.
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I've done it on my MR2 and it wasn't that bad! :wink:

I seem to remember a write up saying that they use the same rack as the new Mini... I think it was on this site. It may have been on the "other" F-car site.

Anyway do a search and you'll find out. Easy stuff. I pulled mine and took it to a shop for the rebuild ($100 as apposed to $750 for a new one- might as well be a Ferrari for that price) then installed it myself. The power steering motor should cycle the fluid it's self. No need to bleed the system as you would a brake system. Just bolt in, hook up the feeder and return lines and top up. Start the car and turn the steering wheel lock to lock until you stop hearing any kind of whining. Top it up again and that's it.
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