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Stebro test ppes for 78-308

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Anybody ever install the test pipes stebro sells for the 308.They also have a resonator in them to help keep the sound from getting to harsh when you eliminate the catalytics.Anybody install any test pipes.Straight etc.How loud did it get.Any noticiable performance increase?
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Bruno, When the straight pipes are installed the sound is not objectionable at all. It may be somewhat louder but not by much.
Sorry, I missed your last question. The horsepower gain is not noticeable if any. If your car has the free flow cats they don't restrict that much anyway. The sound is more crisp not louder with the straight pipes.
Ya I figured straight pipe would be fine.Stebbro is trying to get $500.00 for the other ones.I've been thinking about taking cat down to muffler shop,getting them to match up a set of flanges and just weld me up 2 straight pipes.Seems online suppliers all want $100.00 per pipe.That seems high for straight test pipe.Whadda U think?
Now you have the right idea. Don't take the whole car they may have a problem with that. Actually if you take the length of the cat and do a trace of the manifold ends on paper they could make them up from there.
Well I ordered 2 from Stebro.Got them $90.00 each.Comes with flanges stainless hardware and gaskets.Will post my results.Should get and have on by next weekend.Whole deal with shipping $221.00.Could of made my own or had them made but figured extra time and trouble not worth perfect fit and hardware at this price.It is still only about $15.00 in parts per pipe including hardware If you got your own welder..
I was arguing over price.When they went 20% off I figured get em ,get em in, get it done, get back out there.Hope it isnt to loud.
I'll post a pick of the pipes and cats when I get it all apart. Suppose to be perfect fit.
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