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Sprookjes Rally

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Just got back from the start of the Brabant Sprookjes Rally at the Efteling
For the other 98% of the forum: Sprookjes means Fairytail (sp?) and the Efteling that's a theme park.

There where about 50 cars present
mostly regular Ferrari's like 355, 360, 308, 328, 550
also some 330's a couple of Dino's
275 GTB/4
275 GTB NART Spyder
250 Europa
250 Lusso
fiat dino (it's always nice to see one)
and finally one german owner decided to show up in his F50 instead Enzo :(

I will most likely go back tonight to where they finish, it should be at a castle, but i still have to look it up
More info on this tonight
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Heeze is close to Eindhoven, Dirk! They will be there around 17.00 hours today. The NART spyder is not an original one, if it is the blue one you are talking about.

If the F50 is from Aken (or AC-) then I know who also bought an Enzo. Nice, he will be at many meetings!

Have fun Dirk,

Thanks Niels
i had already looked it up, and it's an hour driving so i'm leaving in about 2-3 hours
and yes it's the blu NART Spyder :D , i think it was the same one that was on Concours d'elegance Paleis het Loo 2 years ago

and it is another F50 license plate WESS FF 50
i heard that normally the where expecting an Enzo, but that the F50 came instead, so i pressume that they are from the same owner
Damn. I thought there will not by many ferrari's.

But now i earned some money :D
Next time i will be there.
FerRory said:
Damn. I thought there will not by many ferrari's.

But now i earned some money :D
Next time i will be there.
it's a Ferrari rally organized by Ferrari Club Holland
ofcourse there are lot's of Ferrari's
So i went back to where they finished.
But nobody was allowed in the "castle"
so i had to take pics outside
and then the bad news
somewhere in the afternoon the F50, Lusso and the Europa decided to head back home :(
i was really waiting for those cars
Hi Dirk,

Sorry, I was told you were allowed to see the cars in the castle! But then again, welcome to Ferrari Club land. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't! BTW, not always are the clubs to blame, because the castle in this case might have said that no other than the participants were allowed on their property.


PS: saw the list of cars already, and most of them are regular visitors to event of the FCN. Don't worry about the claasics, will let you know when it is possible to see those again.
I defenitly wanna see that Europa again
the car was gorgeous, it had a 2 tone grey, looks great
i know of a belgain Europa, but that one is dark green, doesn't do the car justice


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