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Speed in a Ferrari

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This Sunday my wife & I went for a drive in my car. After coming home from Newport Beach, I turned onto Newport Ave. from 17th Street. A Mercedes which had AMG on the back was following me. I knew he wanted to pass me on Newport ave. I do not like to be passed by a cheap German car. Therefore, I began to move thru the gears. As I was about to moved into fourth my wife said in a very loud voice, “I do not want to die”. Crap! My car has very good brakes. I showed them to her. She then bitch that I stopped too fast.

What can I do to please her?
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easy! buy her some new shoes
Bart said:
What can I do to please her?
Bart, if you have to ask us how to please your wife, then i think that there is something wrong my friend :wink: :p :lol: :green:

BTW don't worry about that, most women complain about stuff like that, they just don't get it
My wife has driven my car twice. Neither time would she take it over 2,500 rpm. She shifts at ideal speed. I sit very low in the seat when she has driven.


But she is a good woman, I have been married 35 years. She did OK me buying my little toy.

8) 8) :) :D :lol: :p :green:
Buy a car for your wife, Then she can drive behind you. Don't brake to hard then, because a Fiat Panda or something like that don't have the same brakecapacity as your car... 8)
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