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My 348TB still has the factory spark cables, but I switched to the inductive radio frequency suppression spark cables many years ago for my 1969 Mustang. These are the wire-wound cables to which you refer.
The old Ford cables consisted of a synthetic filamentous core that was impregnated with carbon to suppress the radio frequency interference (RFI) that was generated by the ignition system spark. These cables had pretty high electrical resistance per foot and tended slowly fail with time due to gradually increasing resistance in one or more segments until they finally failed completely. The inductive cables have a non-conducting core with a helically wound fine stainless steel or nichrome (as used in wire-wound resistors) wire. Electrically, this would have a very low d.c. resistance but a very high impedance (rf resistance) to the RFI. An added benefit is that they are very resistant to breakage of the fine wire conductor due to constant flexion of the cable. I have found that the outer insulating sheath of the cable cracks before the wire fails (except when you might have corrosion of the connectors at the ends of the cable.
My cables are manufactured by Borg-Warner and were less than $35 for the Mustang V8 engine. I have seen them sold at Pep Boys and Kragen auto part stores. They most likely do not stock cables pre-cut for f-cars, but I've been told by friends that they have purchased two sets of 6 cylinder car cables for a V-12 or an 8 cable set of equal or longer lengths for their V-8 f-car.

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