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Spa 24 Hours round 7 FIA GT

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so on the 31st of july and the 1st of august it are the Spa 24 Hours
me, as usual, will be there (djee big suprise there :green: )

and i already got the entry list wich is amazing, this is going to be loads of fun again
so we got on the ferrari side:

2 550 Maranello's from BMW Scuderia Italia
2 575 GTC & 1 360 GTC from G.P.C. Giesse Squadra Corse
2 575 GTC & 1 360 GTC from JMB Racing
1 550 Maranello from Wieth Racing
1 360 GTC from Cirtek Motorsport

and ofcourse a lot more of interesting stuff
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senna21 said:
Also I'm used to the sunshine!

Enjoy and send us pics!

:lol: :lol:
THAT'S defenitly NOT here then :green:
i'm sure of it that i'll get rained out at Spa again, it's a tradition that there's a lot of rain there during the 24 Hours race :D
so tomorrow morning i'm driving over to Spa and have some more fun there and ofcourse bring back 1 or 2 pics :green:
as suspected a Ferrari is ON POLE :work:

so hope to see some people there, else try to follow it on Eurosport or the internet
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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