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#1 12-07-2007, 09:02 PM
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some problems on my 348tb......Help :wall:


Hi Everybody,

The car looks very good, and has only 49000km on the clock...
But I've got an electrical problem with the gauge (odometer/tachometer), the arrow some time falls down to '0' for few seconds and than goes back to the right position. For sure, it's a bad connection. Do you have some info for me???
Where is the sensor on the gearbox?
or does the speed info come from the ABS box???
Do you have a drawing?

Thank you


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Sorry, weekend

try looking at the parts cat. on-line here

althought pointing to a 456 on link, choose your vehicle, then mech/coach

you can expand button, and if you wait a bit, you can even enlarge that.

liks on left side of drawing take you from parts name to it's parts number.

clicking on that link gives you 'other ferraris this part fits' which is handy

bad thing is, not always up to date on parts etc. but very very close.
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