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Some short stories I wrote...

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Okay guys. I was bored one evening after I had got done watching the Top Gear Enzo video, so I decided to write a few short stories.

Here is part I and part II. It's a trilogy, and I have yet to write the third and final segment. It might take awhile to read, but it's worth it. Let me know what you think... :D


Part I. My Ferrari Teaser

Well, last Saturday I was feeling kind of bored with the usual, so I decided to take the Enzo out for a night on the town, since that was only the second day after my purchase. I walk out to the garage, and sitting there, in all its glorious beauty, right next to my vintage 288 GTO, is my brand new red 2003 Ferrari Enzo. I walk around it slowly, running my fingers over the silky smooth curves; examining the bright red Brembo brake calipers, masking the beautiful carbon disks; staring hypnotically at the massive 6 liter V12.

I slide into the driver’s seat. Adjust the Formula 1 style steering wheel to my liking, and turn the ignition…. The gorgeous V12 sitting inches behind my head lights up with power. The noise alone could knock me off my feet, luckily I was seated sitting comfortably in the Enzo’s red racing inspired seats.

I pull out of my 10 car garage, heading away from my $12 million mansion, I begin my trek downtown…

Turns out, some of my friends were out too and they had met up at Starbucks on Westheimer. So, I give Javier a ring (not knowing about the meet), and he told me to come up with the rest of the crew. 20 or so minutes later, I’m in the midst of downtown.

Downtown is really an interesting place to spend one’s Saturday night. Look one way, and there’s a small taco shanty; look 20 feet to the left, and there’s a magnificent Italian style castle serving the best the Italian culture has to offer. On the other side of the street, there’s a topless bar with the best hot wings money can buy. I love downtown so much….

Myself and the rest of the Ferrari Club of Houston decide to go cruise around for a bit. This overly cocky F355 owner had been talking trash about my beauty the entire night. His car is heavily modified with about $300,000 worth of mods, on top of the $140,000 price tag. Not exactly sure what he’s got under his bonnet, but I’ve heard rumors of his car being one of the few 355’s with a twin turbo setup, and for $300,000 I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m confident I would have the upper hand though.

I really don’t appreciate the constant talk about my beauty, so I offer to settle it for good. We agree on a friendly $50,000 wager. May the best car win…

Time: 3 months from last Saturday.
Place: Texas Motor Speedway
Cars: 2000 Ferrari F355 vs. 2003 Ferrari Enzo

Part II. Off to the Track

Wow. That’s all I can say about yesterday. Here I am, sitting on the plane, someplace over North Carolina. I left Virginia about 20 minutes ago after a long exciting weekend at VIR.

As you may remember, Charles McDavid *III* (he took great pride in emphasizing the 3rd part) and I had agreed to race at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas, but a change in both of our schedules made VIR the perfect opportunity to settle this for once. We had our cars shipped up there the weekend before the event, and we both flew up the next Friday to get ready. On our way there, we both agreed on some rules for our skirmish. They were as follows:

- 2 Laps per driver – 1 lap to get settled, and one timed lap
- Each driver must ride with opposing driver on their lap
- We won’t know either times until each gets his turn
- Fastest time wins
- Winning car takes home the $50,000

Apparently, our little bet had received quite a bit of publicity. We attracted a large crowd that day. I guess some guys from Ferrari of Houston (FOH) had made it know on a few forums that this was going to take place. Somehow, word also got to the Assistant Chief Editor of Car & Driver, and he decided to bless us with his presence. Whether he was there for work or pleasure, I guess we won’t know until next month’s issue. :wink:

Not only did each member of FOH take off work to fly up and watch, but we also had the members of the New England, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia Ferrari Clubs there to cheer us on. Along with a few regular spectators who just came out for the event.

The race begins to unfold . . .

2003 Ferrari Enzo versus 2001 Ferrari F355 Twin Turbo:

The manager of VIR held the coin toss for us to see who got the first lap. Charles lost, so he had to go after me. I was very anxious to get out there since this was my first time to actually take the car on a track.

Charles and I got into my car and headed out on the track. I started off in 2nd going about 70 mph down the pit straight. I didn’t want to let him know what he was up against just yet. We were nearing the Horseshoe so I stepped off the throttle and mildly went around the right hand turn. We exited and I came up to the NASCAR bend – went by smoothly and kept on going. The Left Hook came next, at which I opened it up a bit and took the corner pretty aggressively, but not too hard.

I stayed in the same mindset for the esses. Went by those, and I came to the climbing esses, turns 6, 7, 8, and 9, where I turned it up just a little bit more. The South Bend came up rather fast, so I took it without thinking. Next came the dive down to the Oak Tree corner, which was rather fun. I was going around the Oak Tree with a huge smile on my face. I knew what was around the corner – the Back Straight. I pulled my left fingers and downshifted back to first, floored it, clicked my right fingers and it beautifully shifted back into second wildly.

I kept on the throttle shifting to third, than fourth, all the while I could feel Charles’ cocky smile moving to a scared frown – which only made my smile even bigger. I pulled into the “Roller Coaster” turn going about 140 mph. I braked late and hard and went diving into the left hand turn, and then a fraction of a second later I dove back to the right to be welcomed by a short straight which I made good use of. That straight went by rather fast and then I flew left into the Hog Pen turn. I was really getting on the gas now. I dove to the inside hugging the turn, as my driving companion held on to what was left of his manhood. I pulled out ready to go on my timed lap…………

I came barreling out of the last turn and onto the Front Straight. Clicked the paddle on the left and threw the Enzo into 2nd, at which time the red dots on my steering wheel began to scream for my attention. I shifted into third approaching the starting line with full fury! I hit the mark going about 134 mph at the top of 3rd gear and the clock was ticking. I came into turn 1 as hard as I could! I braked late and flew to the inside of the track where I stayed until I exited through turn 2, at which I downshifted to second again and made those red lights come to life! I drove into turn 3 a little slower than I would have wished. But I made up for it when I came to the next turn, the Hook.

I stayed right and then dove in at the last possible second going as fast as I possibly could! I veered left into the Hook and immediately had to turn right into turn 5. I came out of 5 and went directly into turn 6 which was followed by the straight that led to the climbing esses. I pulled out of 6 and onto the straight with my foot firmly planted in the ground. I shifted to third, up came 131 mph, shifted to 4th and a second later up came 162 mph! I had no idea how fast I was going until I came up on turn 8 and I had to downshift rapidly and stomped in the brake with both feet! I almost went flying off the track, but thanks to the cars impeccable brakes, I managed to keep it on the pavement.

I went through the esses as smooth as silk. It felt like a straight line the way I flew through them! Must have been the Enzo taking over for me! I was going right into turn 10, and then a left towards turn 11 (The Oak Tree Corner). I sped into turn 11 and gazed at that magnificent Oak just long enough to noticed it was brown. Everything was a blur to me at this point, except for the road ahead of me. I took a right into turn 11A and exited onto the back straight. This is wear those red lights really had to work! 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, 5th gear, 6th gear!! I hit 6th gear right about 900 feet before I entered the Roller Coaster. I braked and downshifted to third and planted myself back on the throttle.

I flew into the Roller Coaster and almost lost control again! Right – down – right – down – I kept going down and down and faster and faster! I pulled out of the Roller Coaster and headed to the Hog Pen. I flew to the outside on the straight, then I flew to the inside left of the Hog Pen and then to the inside right to exit which placed me right on the inside of 17A – the last turn of the track. I downshifted to first and I had one red light left, then shifted two second, and then right when I shifted to third, I crossed the line.

My lap was done. I was breathing hard and sweating like crazy, but I still had a smile on my face. I took a second and looked over at Charles and he was white as a ghost – I chuckled.

I calmly went around the track up to turn 6, at which time between 6 and 7 I pulled off the track on the right into a small one lane road, obviously for the safety crews. We pulled into the paddock and I parked next to my trailer. Turned her off, and breathed a sigh of relief. I felt like I had done a great lap.

We both got out, went and got a drink, and climbed into Charles’ car.
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i think you are natural at giving your stories the life-like realism. I can't wait till the final segment where your Enzo will make Charles exactly fifty thousand dollars less rich. however you haven't wrote it yet, you might have something else in mind... I'll be waiting on my toes...^^
Thanks for the good words. :)

I'll try to put together Part III sometime this week.

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