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Some Ferrari Trivia

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Since some of us seem to have some fun identifying Ferraris, lets test our General Ferrari Knowledge (the GFK experiment :lol: )

I'll start off with some easy ones:

1) Which car was nicknamed 'sharknose' ? (official type please)
2) Name three Lancia's with a Ferrari power unit.
3) Which driver won in a Ferrari on his debut in the World Championship Formula 1 ?
4) How many F40's are built?
5) When did Enzo Ferrari die?

Looking forward to see if there are any 'serious' tifosi out there!

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My understanding is the Mondial name was used as tribute to the World Championship Scheckter had won.

Three 308 GT/M were built and only one entered a race once (mind you, these were looking extreme cause this is not the same as the 308 GTB/M!!!)

Leonardo Fioravanti designed the 288 GTO. His designs include the 206/246 Dino, the 365 GTB/4, the 308 GTB and the 512BB. He has stated that the Daytona was his favorite design.
250lm said:
Quick one have to go:

2) 355 Berlinetta
3) Omologato
4) Ford
5) 272 built, have to check the designer

Wow, 5 of 5. Maybe they were easier than I thought.
Okay, I received a new club magazine, and saw the practice of the German GP so I had some inspiration for level 6, I guess the hardest one yet. I wonder if you can find all the answers 8) :

1) At which circuit won Ferrari the most F1 races?
2) Which F1 Grand Prix was won by a Ferrari not being entered by the Scuderia?
3) How many times was the podium filled with Ferrari driver? (so 1-2-3 finishers)
4) How many Americans have entered a Ferrari in a Grand Prix?
5) What was the name of the Italian that started four races in the third factory car in 1970?

Well, good luck on this one!

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solution question 5
Ignazio Giunti
in the following 4 races
Correct Dirk, that was the easiest one of the five. My insparation was declining :wink:

Answer to question 1
in the following years
51 52 60 61 64 66 70 75 79 88 96 98 00
Also correct! Keep it up.

Answer to question 4
6 Americans
1 Phill Hill (very easy)
2 Mario Andretti (still easy)
3 Dan Gurney (ofcourse)
4 Bob Bondurant (now this one was hard)
5 Richie Ginther (very hard)
6 Harry Schell (accidently found this guy, didn't know him)
You're not dissappointing me!

Still two to go.

I don't know the other 2, and i'm having trouble finding an answer for them
I'll give you all until tomorrow night which is some 40 hour from this post. If I haven't seen any answers or guesses yet, I will post the correct answers.

then i'll have to start digging a bit harder
And the winning answers were:

Baghetti won the 1961 French Grand Prix at Reims in a Ferrari entered by FISA. I thought this one wasn't to hard!

Five times the podium has been filled with only Ferrari drivers:

Bremgarten 1953: Ascari, Farina, Hawthorn
Avus 1959: Brooks, Gurney, Hill
Monza 1960: Hill, Ginther, Willy Mairesse
Spa 1961: Hill, Von Trips, Ginther
Aintree 1961: Von Trips, Hill, Ginther

That's all folkes!

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oeps i had misunderstood that 3th question.
I thought that you meant how many times that they had a 1st, 2nd or a 3th place. So i didn't feel like counting all those podiumplaces from the last 50 years, my mistake.

OK post the next questions.
Inspiration is getting scarcer, I need to check the books sometimes to create more questions.

Last ones for now:

1) Which driver drove almost a complete lap on three wheels AFTER being stalled in the gravel trap?
2) Which GP won by Ferrari saw two drivers on the first step of the podium?
3) At which circuit did Ferrari score the most pole positions and how many?
4) How many doubles (1-2 finishes) did Ferrari score?
5) Big one: Name ALL ITALIANS that drove a Ferrari at a GP?

good luck again, I'll give you a week for these ones!

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Question 3
16 poles on Monza in the following years:
52 53 56 60 61 63 64 66 70 72 74 75 82 94 98 00
One down, four to go!

WOW that's a long list, i counted 25 Italian drivers so here it is:
01 Alberto Ascari
02 Clemente Biondetti
03 Dorino Serafini
04 Luigi Villoresi
05 Piero Taruffi
06 Piero Carini
07 Franco Comotti
08 Nino Farina
09 Umberto Maglioli
10 Eugenio Castelotti
11 Luigi Musso
12 Giorgio Scarlatti
13 Cesare Perdisa
14 Giancarlo Beaghetti
15 Ludovico Scarfiotti
16 Lorenzo Bandini
17 Nino Vaccarella
18 Ernesto Brambilla
19 Ignazio Giunti
20 Nanni Galli
21 Arturo Merzario
22 Michele Alboreto
23 Gianni Morbidelli
24 Ivan Capelli
25 Nicola Larini

héhé, that's all :wink:
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Well, almost, still mis one and I am not sure yet of 2 and 18. Have to recheck.

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