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Some Ferrari Trivia

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Since some of us seem to have some fun identifying Ferraris, lets test our General Ferrari Knowledge (the GFK experiment :lol: )

I'll start off with some easy ones:

1) Which car was nicknamed 'sharknose' ? (official type please)
2) Name three Lancia's with a Ferrari power unit.
3) Which driver won in a Ferrari on his debut in the World Championship Formula 1 ?
4) How many F40's are built?
5) When did Enzo Ferrari die?

Looking forward to see if there are any 'serious' tifosi out there!

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a new one for people with humanistic education ;-)

which one of the ancient greek gods would be the god for ferrari and why?

Dr. Bob said:
This is where I give up :-?
ah....come on, try harder! :D

it is possible to find the solution in the internet, but there is one logical step to think about ;-)
Re: a new one for people with humanistic education ;-)

Enzo250GTO said:
trevi said:
which one of the ancient greek gods would be the god for ferrari and why?

That's easy. It is based on perception.

Zeus because he was the King of all the gods and Ferrari is the king of all cars :green:

Aphrodite because she was the godess of love and everyone falls in love with Ferrari and the are second only to women.

Athena, the reason the Greeks built the Acropolis, she was both the godess of crafts, arts, and war (Ferraris are beautifully designed).

Hephaestus, also a god of crafts but for metal, Ferraris are crafts of metal.

I didn't study Greek mythology but I did take two classes of Greek art and architecture, and lets just say every ash ern, pot and relief sculpture was about the gods or heros. Very interesting actually to learn how religion is probably the most influential thing in all societies for the ages and how it shaped art, buildings etc. Old art was never "inspired" (by marjiuana that is) in the past, it was all to record their history until recently. sorry for the tangent.
not bad at all :eek:ha:

one of your suggestions is correct, but the reason why is not correct

last hint: do not think about cars....

here's the solution:
"ferrari" in italian means "black smith", which is of course a craftsmen profession. the god of smiths is hephaistos :)

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