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so the chinese journalists really need to get back to school

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Michael Schumacher avoided seeing red when he met his Chinese hosts for the first time on Wednesday.

The seven-time world champion’s diplomatic skills were tested to the limit at a press conference to announce the sport’s arrival in China.

The conference descended into farce almost immediately when a local journalist asked Schumacher: “Why do you always race in red? Is it your lucky colour?”

Schumacher patiently explained that Ferrari had historically always raced in red, before tactfully adding that he hoped the colour, which is considered lucky in China, would benefit him this weekend.

Having safely negotiated that obstacle, Schumacher was probably hoping to encounter a more intelligent line of questioning. He was to be quickly disappointed.

The very next journalist to put his hand up asked Schumacher whether it was possible for him to win the world title this weekend.

Somehow managing to keep a straight face, Schumacher informed the questioner that he had in fact won the championship four weeks ago in Belgium.

Schumacher was also asked what he thought of the demise of “his former team, Jaguar”. The German carefully explained that he had never driven for the Ford-owned outfit.

some other questioning:

Saturday post qualifying conference:

Q: (Liang Yu – Oriental Sports Daily) Kimi, what did you think of your team-mate’s performance today?
KR: You need to go and ask him. I better not say anything.

Sunday Post race conference:

Q: (Liang Yu - Oriental Sports Daily) Question for Rubens and Jenson: how do you judge the performances of your team-mates, Michael and Sato respectively?
RB: To be very honest with you, I don’t know how to judge it because I didn’t see the race. I just saw that he didn’t score any points. He must have had a frustrating race, but I couldn’t judge.
JB: Looking at the positions, I think Takuma did a good job finishing sixth. That was the team’s aim, I think, to get him into sixth position, so he must have had a reasonable race.
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I read it somewhere. I guess F1 isn't that big in China
I read it yes...

:green: and now they think schumie isn't that good :wink:
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