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So i'm walking around in Monaco...

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so as some of you know i went to Monaco for a couple of days this weekend to cover the Historique Grand Prix there.

so i got on a plane friday early morning, and it started already VERY good, cuz who comes and sit on the sam row as me??

JACKY ICKX :D , needless to say that i got his signature again.

but that meaned i was in Nice early and before noon in Monaco wich left me with a couple of free hours to wonder around in Monaco, and i must say that is still a sportscars heaven. in the about 3 hours that i walked around i saw about 15 Ferrari's driving around, only about 4 Lambo's an insane amount of Bentley's, and a lot of Continental GT's there already. the amount of porsche's there isn't even worth mentioning anymore, same goes for AMG's.
but hey, i wasn't there for that "normal" stuff (well, there it's normal :nuts: ), so moving on to the classics, my favourite kind, an incredible turn-up entered in the races, ranging in Serie's A (GP cars before 1947) several great Bugatti's, Maserati's and Alfa's, even an Alfa 12C-37, pretty rare and very cool.
Serie B (front engined GP cars from 1947-1960) wich saw 1 Ferrari 555 (only one that's still beeing used) and an insanelly amount of Maserati 250 F's wich i really love, normally you are lucky to see 1 and here there where 9 :green:
Serie C (sports cars before 1953) now here's the cool line-up
here we had no less then 7 Ferrrari's on the grid (out of 35), couple of Jag C-Type's of wich one was driven by Sir Stirling Moss, a couple of Frazer Nash's, also very notable was Phill Hill driving an Alfa, not that he finished but he was there and i got his signature aswell :D
Serie D was boring
Serie E (rear engined GP cars from 1954-1965)
well nothing that i haven't seen before, but i do love those Brabhams, Lotus's & Cooper's racing in that class
Serie F (GP cars 1966-1976), now those are some serious sweet F1 cars, a couple of my fav's where the Tyrrel's 4 present of wich 2 of them where the 6 wheelers wich is very rare to see, and those guys have some amazing sound, it's wonderfull hearing them scream by :D
then as an extra class there was a Ferrari F1 parade
wich saw Jacky Ixkc driving his old 312B2, an ex Villeneuve 312T3 of wich the owner uses the Villeneuve helmet, looks great in the pics.
and defenitly my fav of the bunch the Tasmann Dino 246.

i did see Gerhard Berger walking around also, but couldn't get to him in time for a signature :(

so all by all, a very cool weekend, and i got a pretty nice tan aswell :wink:

oh yeah, Jacky Ixkc was also on the same plane on the way back this morning
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Cool Dirk! I was there two years ago and also had a GREAT time! I'm looking forward to your pictures!!!!!!! Grtx, Edvar
Wow, sounds excellent. Must have been quite fun! Sounds like quite the experience! Very cool, thanks for sharing with us.
You're living your dream, Dirk. I'm sure. You lucky guy.

Post lots of pics please.
It sounds like it was an awesome time. Please show us a few pics...
This is the every two year event you wanted me to go to isn't it? So 2006 I need to book my calendar?
yes that's the one that i wanted you to come over for, so i'm expecting you with me in 2006 :wink:

I also went by Ferrari Monaco, ofcourse, they are very friendly there, they just let me wander around in the garage without paying any attention to me, they had 2 Enzo's and 2 F40's in :green: at another dealer there was a 456M, F50 & white countach but they where closed

i hadn't been in Monaco in years, it was really great to be back there, great weather, beautifull place
next time i really need to be there a few days longer
Sounds as if you are having the trip of a life time.

some momento's from monaco

the first place i went to was Ferrari Monaco, i wonder why that is :wink:
really friendly people there, they just let you walk into the garage to take some pics, it's actually one of the bigger garages there since there isn't much room around
and ofcourse with 2 Enzo's inside it's defenitly fun to visit
actually yesterday (21/05/04) there where 5 Enzo's in Monaco :eek:


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ofcourse you have to pay a visit to the harbor, you can't miss it :wink: , and then you notice how little boat's that are there that are actually registered in Monaco
it has some amazing vieuws around there, but unforntunually i didn't had an extra day to stay around and enjoy all of it, since i was too busy getting track pics.
it's kinda funny if you look where you have to walk here to get to some spots, you are walking straight next to the water, one wrong step and you are swimming


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and then the cars, well that city just isn't normal of what you see driving there, name it, and it's probably there.
another photographer was sitting on a teracce on thursday when he heard some sweet noises, and what blast by him??
a black enzo followed by a yellow enzo an F40 and trailing behind a white porsche GT1 :eek:
the fun part is when you are walking around there, you see tons of stuff driving, but also plenty of stuff parked, i was suprised what a Bentley city it actually is there


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Impressive is an understatement. Very nice boats/cars/sites.
Thanks for the pics, dirk.

I really like the pic of the Smart with "F1 is back in Belgium" on it. Although I'm really thinking of leaving Belgium and go live in Monaco. :lol: So many nice cars there. Not to mention the boats and the fantastic views.
Say, those boats were big boats.

Someday, God willing, I wish to be there during the F1 fun.

You do take wonderful photos. I see why you earn a living at it.

May one of two cars finish first there tomorrow.

oh Bart, those wheren't even the really big ones i showed :wink:

BTW how was yur trip to you Europe?
I noticed this in the Monaco F1 ads along that city wall:

"Fumer provoques des maladies graves"

So I suppose this is what has to be shown when there is an ad for a cigarette company (the "Marlboro" script on Michael's wing).

But that's a pretty tame statement. You should see some of the stuff they put on Canadian cig boxes...

Otherwise, fantastic photos Dirk! There's lots of money in that town...
Hey, excellent photos, Dirk! They look great, and the atmosphere around Monaco just sounds fantastic. Oh how I would love to go over there within the next few years. I can only dream right now though. Looks great!

And that dealer, looks pretty big for such a small city. :p But of course well all know that small city has more money in it that some countries!
Monaco seems really beautiful. How big is it exactly? I heard they are building an "island" (is this true?)? Where do these people keep the cars? Any homes? Seems like its like NYC, all apartments and penthouses. Is it like NYC-hard to drive, or is it drivable? I wonder how much one needs to make a year to atleast live in Monaco.
Well Monaco the nation, but all the photos you see are in Monte Carlo. Watch many of the Bond (007) movies and you'll see the city. I love Goldeneye because you get the F355 racing the Aston Martin in the hills above this wonderful city.

Quick FYI: It is the richest nation in the world (person's income) per capita (I believe), clearly in the top 10. It is a monarchy. A very small poplation of about 32k. A great place with $$$.
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