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I am posting this by permission and on behalf of macmachugh:

Default SN 18165
As a recent new member I was interest in the 365BB registry having owned SN 18165 back in the 1970's.
Perhaps the current owner will be interested in the following.
My love of Ferraris started in the '60s when a good friend bought a 275GTB then a 4 cam GTB for the road and entrusted me with them frequently as a 23 year old. Buying a 250LM for his cousin to race (which we towed on a 4 wheel Don Parker trailer behind a DB6 Aston Martin) cemented the passion - the occasional blast up the local byeways with the non-road registed LM was fun (probably meaning a jail sentence to day).
I had owned a Dino 246GT which I sold after a couple of very enjoyable years. Eventually on a dark autumn afternoon, standing in front of the badly corroded inner wing I accepted £2000 and waved the rust goodbye.
The Boxer was advertised in the Sunday Times sometime in 1978, it was demonstrated to me in Deansgate Manchester with the owner flooring the loud pedal followed by stamping on the brakes between traffic lights, irritating or entertaining pedestrians and confirming to me that I wanted the car and agreed on £15,000.
I collected the car, took the back roads, in the dark, in heavy rain, over the Pennine Hills back to East Yorkshire. A puncture in the middle of nowhere required the fitting of the 'noddy' wheel with a large and very wet tyre/wheel sitting on the passenger seat which I protected with all I had available - an almost new expensive Jaeger overcoat! The coat incidentally was stolen a week later in Cairo airport along with my briefcase. I saw President Sadat of Egypt a few weeks later wearing a coat that looked familiar - it was also far too big for him (I am 6'3") - but, no, surely not.
I hated the colour of the car (see my peofile 'macmachugh' for the car as it was in 1978) and I love the car as it is now as shown in the registry. It was always a pig to start and having fired it was essential to get underway (1st to 3rd) - if it stalled there were 12 plugs to change. Iused to say I went everywhere in the car - but rarely came back in it ! Those were the pleasures of a BB in the 70's.
Eventually I sold it and acquired a new 308GTS but I missed a big lump and bought a new 400i manual from HR Owen on a whim one day when I was in London. That caught fire the day the week after I bought (fortunately with little damage), the paint started to blister around the offside passenger window and after a few months off it went to another owner.
Now past retirement age (but still working) our nanny government gives me a winter fuel allowance. I spend that on petrol for my 1960 Austin-Healey (I learned to drive on a 100S) and Mercedes CL500 - well, its fuel ain't it ?
I hope the current owner enjoys SN 18165 - the ORH registration number is the East Yorkshire issued plate after I transfered RCM66 from it when sold.
Maybe I will see it sometime.
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