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Here is our new tech baby: Smart INTEL ECU for all Ferrari F430, Scuderia, 16M and Maserati 3200 GT, 4200 Coupé/Spyder 2002-2007, GranSport Coupé/Spyder 2005-2007 .

We designed a new INTEL - Interior Lighting ECU which entirely replaces the old #194913-373307129-224420 OEM Timer ECU. This Timer ECU is of very old technology, has limited primitive features but also causes voltage/current leaks. Such leaks are enough to drain the battery if not plugged to a tender. The OEM Timer ECU offers poor functionalities limited to simple on/off switching of the dome light when the door opens or a fast dome light on/off flash when you unlock the car with the fob.

Our microprocessor based INTEL ECU is made of the latest automotive electronic technologies, all certified AEC, making it a real modern solution. It's a direct Plug & Play replacement of the old OEM Timer ECU. It has absolutely no voltage leaks. While fully protected against all kind of automotive transients, our firmware offers many new features, manages the luggage compartment, dome and our optional LED foot well lights. All transitions to On or Off of the interior lights are made with a soft fade in or out with different timings depending on the user actions like doors unlocked, doors opened or closed, ignition turned on or off.

Available as replacement of only the OEM Timer ECU or combined with our foot well LED lighting system.

Please visit our website to discover the many new modern features the Smart INTEL ECU offers:
Ferrari Maserati Smart INTEL Interior Lighting System

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