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I've recently realized a life-long dream. I bought a Ferrari.

All happy and anxious to share the joy, I gave my girlfriend a couple of rides and asked her for her impressions. She was always kind enough to humor me:"Oh, it's very preety, Honey", or: "Yes, Sweety, it does sound nice" but I knew that she was being polite.

I tried several time to have her drive the Beast, but she always refused:"I'm scared I'm gonna hurt it!".

Finally, last week-end, I took her to a desrted parking lot, and gave her the keys. She was cornered, no choices, no excuses.

So, she starts and drives for a couple of minutes: "Hey! It's easy! I'm not afraid anymore!"

building on her new found enthousiasm, asked her to take me for a ride (my first time in the passenger seat... Very exiting).

For those familiar with Los Angeles, we drove down Sunset, up the Pacific coast highway, back through the Topanga canyon and finally on the 101 freeway (for those unfamiliar with the area, let's say a good display of curves and straight line with beautiful scenery).

So we went for a couple of hours, just enough to witness the polite comments of my sweet Robyn transformed into:"Wow! This is fun, that rocks! This is F----ng AWSOME! I LOVE the way she purrs! I love it, I love it, I love it!"

Now she understand me.

It is so amazing to turn people on to your dreams!
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