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She has Arrived

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well, today i got a wake-up call from the model shop
a small package that i had been waiting for had arrived, so ofcourse i had to drive over there, in the rain, to pick it up :D

and oh my, she does look wonderfull

especially lined up with her sisters


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Tamiya 1/12 :green:
euhm, yes, well,
this is actually the biggest box i have in 1/12 :eek:

and i know, it's a disaster :cry:
nobody has a 1/12 288 GTO (yet?)
yes it is incredibly light
especially if you just had picked up the F40 & F50 or even my GMP GT40

and no, i don't have any problems with mine, i also heard from somebody else who had scratches on his one, and that's how it came out of the box, i aslo had some sort of protective clear tape over the windshield to protect it against scratches and cracks

and well
the Exoto will be even more, and this is my 5th 1/12, so placing 1 1/10 in there just won't look good
yes only 3 Ferrari's :wink:
she's great isn't she
and the box sure looks good, but it's HUGE
you got them all 3 aswell now right?
i have 1 such glas case you mean, the one that can only hold 1 car right?
there was one delivered with my AutoArt Merc CLK GTR
you can get those very cheap, also GMP carrry's them for their 1/12's but they offer them with wooden base while AA offers them with plastic black base
GMP cases:
AA cases: this is the one i have, came with that car :wink:

but i keep all my models in a big vitrine cabinet, wich is pretty dust free, i do have to clean it about 2 times a year, during the winter i'm going to get a 2nd cabinet, since this one is FULL!!!
i can take some pics of it if you want
ok here goes, well since that room got repainted recently, everything is still a bit of a mess, normally the top part of that cabinet is a light box wich hold 4 TL lights, but the power cords aren't in place at the moment so no light on, altough it really looks good when it's one
the very bottom of the cabinet looks closed but is actually the space where i store the boxes of the cars
for the rest the entire backwall is mirror for better light reflection and that way the cabinet looks bigger, and there's also a mirror on the bottom shelf, else that would have been a white plate wich didn't looked that good

normally the Merc stands in it's single case of wich i gave the link before.
and the GT40 will go in the new cabinet when i finally go get it
the fun part about those single cases is you could place one on your office desk and it is dust free
with the 1/12's it looks amazing having them placed seperatly, but for the Ferrari's it just looks so great having them lined-up and well the 1/43's just look better together


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well, i preffer 1/43 over 1/18, there's a lot more available in there and it takes up less space :wink: i actually started in 1/18 but then made the switch when i was around 11 or so to 1/43

i've also seen some interesting cases/shelfs from Ikea that make a perfect fit for 1 1/18 model per shelf

but it sure sounds interesting to what you are planning for your house, make sure that you post some pics when it's done, would love to see it

and also post some of those Amalgam cars, would love to see them, i don't think i've seen pics of them before
Stradale said:
Dr. Bob said:
I saw the Enzo lying in it's box. It had 2 disadvantages:
1: The price
2: The size, I do not have any space to place it properly :p
Ya, the price is much higher than the F50 or the F40. :-?

well, i saw the F50's (red & yellow version) in a store in Monaco earlier this year, and well, they where asking more for them then the Enzo (enzo wasn't out back then)
what? and not the 1999 version? :lol:

would love to see a line-up pic of those
i know what you mean

yesterday i ordered a new display cabinet, that was over €600
and now Red Line also has a white Enzo out and they are releasing a bunch of 312 PB's :cry:
and i still need to get their 550 GTC's & 575 GTC"s :cry:
Hey Noordin

here's a pic of that AutoArt casing.

i placed my GMP Ford in there, i'm planning to order such a casing from GMP aswell, so that i can compare them bitter, since i think the GMP case is a bit wider, becasue GMP shows a shot of their casing with a Ford in it while it's doors are open, in the AA casing that isn't possible.
but they are still out of stock on their site :x


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