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i was flipping the channels last side, and MTV Cribs started, and the entire episode was about shaquille o'neil, you know that basketball player, and at the start they where showing some quick images of the entire show, and well, also a quick shot of his garage and i knew that i had to keep watching.
so this guy owns 2 Ferrari's
a 355 Spider and a 360 Spider, now what makes these 2 "special" is that he had to cut-off the roof and make them barchetta's or else he couldn't fit in them, well that guy is big, apart from the ugly bling bling rims he also had different seats, they looked pretty thin and instead of the cavallino imprinted on the head rest he had the supermanlogo there, that guy is just obsessed with superman.
anybody has seen any of these ferrari's around already?
i especially would like to know about the seats since they looked strange, and if somebody has some high res pics, make sure to post them :wink:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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