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SER# 1969 GT

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To all.

Looking for a 1960 250 PF Cabriolet with the above serial number (1969GT).

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I know this car, how can I help? :yikes:
I know this car, how can I help? :yikes:

Well, you could be quicker as that post was Eight years ago.


Now on a more serious note: What do you know: Worth posting that.

and welcome to the forum.

:laughinatabove:classic post resurrection:thumbsup:

I restored it for a client, well most of it before the bank took it! :wall:

look it up on my web site under projects!
Tom Z.
Cool Catz - Cool Beans!
I restored it for a client, well most of it before the bank took it! :wall:

look it up on my web site under projects!
Tom Z.

Do you know Mike Wilson [ ] ? He is an int'l Jag judge and has about 100+ #1, concours awards.

I see him about every weekend. He'll be at a car show with me this weekend me showing the 456 and him a couple Jags.

rik -- PS, again, welcome to the site.

[ side note: Thank god OP was not talking about the 250 GT Cabriolet s/n 0799 -- THAT is something we can defer ]
s/n 1969GT

Sorry to say but this Ferrari was stolen out of a restoration shop and is now in hiding. If anybody knows where it is it would be greatly appreciated!
Well, back from the dead. I posted about this into an epic thread May 2 2008: Story of 250 GT Cabriolet s/n 0799 -

It was stolen, hidden, lives were lost, reputations smeared all involving some well known Ferrari names in the biz.

but life has moved is now a storied car, albeit NOT in terms of its construction etc, but in terms of ownership....resolved.

Here's all of the history I have on this car:

Identified as 250 Cabriolet. Destinazione . PF job no. . (H. Raab "Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed.").

Per Pininfarina records: Entrata telaio 04 May 1960; Scocca 29747; Consegna 02 Jul 1960; Destinazione Blancardi; Verniciatura grigio conchiglia MM 16249; Interno plastico e pelle rosso 3171.

Owned 1974 Tom Churchill, Yellow Springs, OH/USA. (FAF customer). Listed in 1977-1979 FOCUSA Roster(s) by Churchill. Offered 1978 by Churchill. Silver with red interior. Per conversation with him Oct 1978 he acquired car Nov 1972 from Maj. Fred Parris, USAF, who had acquired car from another USAF officer who in turn had acquired the car in Italy.

Owned 1978 Robert Hynote, Atlanta, GA. Upon examination of car it was found to have ENGINE S/N 3409, No.206/62E in it. Offered 1979 by Hynote. Red with natural interior. Complete cosmetic restoration--new paint, leather, Wilton carpet, soft top, redone hardtop, new wire wheels.

Offered 1979 FAF Motorcars, Tucker, GA. Red with natural interior. Description as above. RW 3801 Borranis.

Offered 1980 Johnson Ford, Hialeah, FL (Charles Johnson). Red with natural interior. Borranis, both tops. (Miami Herald 27 Apr 1980). Offered again 1981. (Miami Herald 15 Mar 1981).

Seen 1988 Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Stephen D. Barney. He confirmed that the block S/N was 3409, but the timing case was stamped 1969.

1989 offered Ron Goldsack, Toronto. Red with black leather. New soft top. Totally restored only 30,000 miles. Note: Goldsack claimed engine & chassic numbers now matched. Car actually belonged to a partner of Goldsack's, he was handling the sale as a favor (for 5% commission).

Offered Jan 1990 Barret-Jackson Auction, Scottsdale, AZ/USA. High bid $365,000. Car sold.

Offered 1990 Auto Torino, Great Neck, NY/USA. Red with black interior. Display ad only.

Offered Jun 1990 Guernsey's Auction, Greenwich, CT. Offered 15 Jun 1991 Guernsey's Auction, Bridgehampton, NY/USA.

Offered 1994 Auto Palace, Great Neck, NY/USA. Red with black leather. Complete cosmetic & mechanical restoration.

Offered 14 Mar 1995 auction of bank repossessed cars, Statewide Auto Auction, Plainview, NY/USA. Sold for $87,500.

Offered 1995 Sports Cars Unlimited, Woodbury, NY/USA. Red with black leather. 68,000 km. Cylinder head valve guides modified with stamp seals. Excellent overall condition. Display ad only.

Offered 1998 by 180 Sports & Classics, New York, NY/USA. Red with black interior. Borranis. AM.FM. Excellent overall condition, total restoration. Engine & transmission match. 69,000 km.

As per a thread on FerrariLife by jsi, 30 January 2003, he's looking for this car, didn't say why.
As per a reply eight and a half years later by coolcatz, 12 July 2011, he knows this car; he says he restored it for a client - "well most of it before the bank took it." He provided a link to his Website,, where the car can be found under Projects.
His Website/company is Catz Automotive, Automotive Specialty, Inc., 10178 Springfield Rd., Youngstown, OH, 44514, 330.549.5646, fax 330.549.2280. After clicking on a picture of a wheel-less PF Cab propped up on some kind of tubular support rack, I come to a page with no pictures (or they just won't show up on the iPad) with the following text:
This Ferrari 25 PF Cabriolet was restored from a box of someone else's restoration gone wrong. These cars come apart very easy unfortunately the reverse takes long hours, patience and skill. Unfortunately for this car chass #1969GT has the non-matching numbers engine installed which will make it a great driver, but never the collectable car that it should be. This car is currently under restoration and should be ready sometimes in 2009.

As per an e-mail from [redacted], 08 February 2014, he sent me a list of cars "showing all Ferraris in FL in 2011; among the 6,325 Ferraris on that list, this is one of them. Red.
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