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My opinion is not worth much, since I have not owned any of them, nor do I have high technical knowledge. Having said that I think newer Ferraris are more reliable than older ones, so that would leave you with either a 328 or a Mondial T. But the 308 is the more classic original one.

a Mondial is underrated, so probably more Ferrari for less Swedisch Crones :)

On sheer looks, I would go for

1) original carb 308 GTB
2) 328 GTS
3) Mondial T cabriolet
4) 328 GTB
5) 308 GTS
6) Other Mondials

Overhere the most affordable Ferraris (at least purchasing prices) are the 308 GT4 and the 400 models. Ever considered that ?

I think the 308 GT4 is the best to begin with, at least that is what I decided for myself: goal is to get one within 10 years from now, but you never know what is going to happen :-?

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