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After waiting (unsuccessfully) for literally half a year for someone with a CS that could help me out, perhaps I'll have better luck with the Scuderia or 16M owners.

My midrange/tweeter kick panels for the Scuderia/16M/CS project is 90% complete. I simply need to test fit the molds into a Scud a couple of times to take some measurements and mark up the molds with a pencil to see if I need to make some final adjustments (these already fit perfectly in a 430 or 360). As always, the molds will be wrapped in a soft cloth that makes it impossible for them to scratch anything. Also, I need access to the car long enough to take some professional quality photos for the website (about an hour needed max).
If someone could help me out, I would be willing to give you a FREE set of these kick panels (they will sell for over a thousand dollars a pair).

See the kick panel development thread here:
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