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scale models

Dj Dirk said:
The Enzo aren't in the stores in Holland??
THey are already available here for about 3-4 weeks now
Only 1:18 are available. 1:43 from BBR not yet available, but I have it from a store in Italy. I believe I'm the first to have one, since I asked around and no store in Holland can supply it yet. :green:

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From BBR:FX / 'Enzo Ferrari'
(BG234)Paris Saloon 2002. Limited 200 pieces! Special box, leather base "Cuoio Schedoni" Modena,with "Balestrini Alberto" signature and guarantee certificate. Available on September 2002 as the real car presentation! Handmade. €215.00

FX / 'Enzo Ferrari'
(BBR150)Paris Saloon 2002. Available September 2002 as the real car presentation! Handmade, superb quality. €195.00

From the website, This shop:

Traffic Modelcars & Car Documentation
Nieuwstad 82, 7001 AE
Doetinchem, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)314 327000
Fax. +31 (0)314 324052
E-mail: [email protected]

Last time I was there, but that is 3 years ago, they had very special 1:18 models, and very limited, they were very cool. It's a very small shop, but is very quick with new models, sometimes direct import from Italy by themselves

It also has a second shop in a showroom with very cool cars, and sometimes ferrari's, That one is located in brummen, If you are in the area, worth a visit if you like old cars,
121 - 140 of 170 Posts
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