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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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T-Boy got any pics of those events??

The Momo and the Pilot car are from Minichamps
and the Giesse Racing is from BBR a limited edition of 200 pieces
Dj Dirk said:
T-Boy got any pics of those events??
Actually I do, but I'm gonna have to put them on a picture disc in order to post them. It was a few years ago when the 333sp was at it's peak, the events took place in college station, Texas @the Texas World speedway. I saw the momo, scandia, and the Lista 333's race. I remember seeing Moretti, Papis, Taylor, Theys,and the late great Michele alboretto drive!
WOW AWESOME!!!!!! :p

that must be great, seeing several 333's and their drivers
It was great!!! You haven't lived until you've stood next to the fence while a Ferrari V12 comes screaming by at 200mph!!!!! It literally takes your breath away :p
The Ferrari F333 sp is from Hotwheels. I bought it because my mother likes it. And it is a new sort of a car in my collection.
Just added #'s 83 & 84 to my collection! An F40 and F512M both in red , and both from mattel.
i've added a couple of 308 rally versions and a white '84 512 TR from BBR. limited edition ofcourse number 1 of 100
I cleaned my collection yesterday...and it took me 4hrs!!!!!! :eek:
Tifoso_Boy said:
I cleaned my collection yesterday...and it took me 4hrs!!!!!! :eek:
I have that same problem
Luckely i don't have to clean it that much
that's true, you have to do something for your beloved collection
We've all invested too much time and effort (not to mention$$$$) not to take care of our collection. If you're gonna have a collection of that size, you have to take care of it....that's the way I see it
I know what you mean especially about the money.
I LOVE my collection, and i have several exclusive cars with are worth a lot of money.
Like i said before i tend to buy cars in the range of BBR & Heco Modeles

Do you collect as an investment :question: Or is more just the joy of having rare models :question: Or maybe a little of both :question: ...just curious. As for me, I don't look at it as money maker in the future. I will probably end up giving them to my future children,,,,,,, :eek:
I enjoy it having a rare collection.
A few years ago i decided only to buy limited edition Ferrari's, else you can keep buying. This way i'm focussed on certain cars but it's a different category of quality and price.

But how many people can say, oh yeah i have that 1/12th F50, or yes i have that one, or yep it's limited edition of 100, 200, 500 pieces :green:
I just LOVE that :D

I can honestly say that i'm starting to get a pretty rare collection :ex: :ex:
Which would you say is you're rarest model :question:
that's hard to say
probably all my Heco Modeles & BBR's cuz those are expensive and very limited buid.

But i think my favourite is my 1/12th F50.
I know of 6 in Belgium and i have one of them :ex:

Where do you buy most of your models from :question:
I have 3 stores where i'm a regular buyer, and when i see a store when i'm on the road, i stop and go in, or write down the adress and go back later.
I also check out all the stand on events
I get mine from a variety of places....Stores, catalog, internet, Ebay, and family/friends (although they have a hard time finding one that I don't have :green: )......
61 - 80 of 170 Posts
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