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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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Ferrari 308GTS 328GTS

Hotwheels is the only manufactor that may make Ferrari 1:18 scale models.
Sometimes i see models of manufactors like, Kyosho, UT and Maisto.
When i see them i buy them at once because they won't be made anymore.
Last week i bought a Kyosho Ferrari 365/GT4, he wasn't cheap but i want my collection complete.
I've got about 35 Ferrari 1:18 models.
Please let me know if someone finds a Kyosho, or an other manufactor, 308GTS or a 328GTS. These are the cars i stil want.

1 - 1 of 170 Posts
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