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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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Hello everybody

I got a nice Ferrari collection the all are 1/18 except one formule 1 car.
I have 14 street cars one formule 1 launch edition and a Formule 1 car 1/18

They all are red except the 360 modena I got it from my mom and I still wants to buy a red one.

Most of the cars are from Burago and mattel and one forum aston.

I got a 355 and he is from majorrete is not so good as the rest.
I collect from 1999 model's later I only collect ferrari's the other cars stands on the room of my dad.

I gone make some pictures tomorrow.
I have made 3 pictures whit my webcam. The picture are not so good.
I don't know how to upload them it doesn't work.
i have just bought a ferrari 1/18 it is the F333 sp it is a really nice car.
Here are some pictures of the F333 sp. They are not nice because I have made them whit my webcam.
The Ferrari F333 sp is from Hotwheels. I bought it because my mother likes it. And it is a new sort of a car in my collection.
Yesterday i bought 360 spider from Mattel. Now I orded Enzo Ferrari.
I they get the Enzo in october.
That guy found my nickname very nice :)
What for magazine is Cavallinos? I never heard of it.
Today i bought a magazine whit 60 pages about Ferrari but it is in Dutch.
For the dutch members it is the Autovisie Ferrari special. And it is not expensive too.

Here is my collection of 1/18 models. (only the manufactures)
1 car I buy in the shell store it is special made for shell
1 Anson
1 Majorette thit is a bad manufactures it is made from cheap equimpent.
7 Bburago
6 Hotwheels a company form mattel or something like that.
1 UT models

And the winner is Bburago :D
Is it Burago or Bburago?
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I live in Boxtel that's by Den bosch.
And i go in Eindhoven to school. I hope you can say where I can buy that magazine. What is the price in Euro's for that magazine.

I only collect 1/18 because a friend of my does to, but he collection he owns is only the sportscars he like. And a specially the Viper.

What are the price's of BBR 1/18 models?
Yesterday I buyed a 365 GTB/4 1/18 mattel. Maybe friday the enzo will arive.
I got the Enzo and I buyed a 512 BB. I got now 20 ferrari's 1/18
1 - 13 of 170 Posts
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