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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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Yes, that is a cool picture Andrew. :D

My collection now has 54 cars, the majority are 1:18 scale, with a few 1:24. Most are Ferrari's, but I also have marques from all over Europe (Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar). I have a few concept cars... the list goes on.

I should take a picture of my collection, how do you use this attachment feature? I'd like to post in the meantime, a pic of my 1:18 Ferrari 328 GTS.
Here's the 1:18 328 GTS in my collection:


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Sorry for the late reply Barry:

The 328 model was made by Anson. It is no longer in production. A few sometimes come up for sale on Ebay...


In October 2002, Kyosho will make their North American debut of 1:18 scale 308 GTB and 308 GTB QV models...
I think they're making it as well... Not sure...

I noticed in your cabinet you have a limited edition Detail Cars 1:43 model (in the red-velvet box).

Which model of Ferrari is it?

I have one as well, of a 512 TR in Grigio over Red, plus I have a Detail Cars 1:43 kit 348 ts, which I made, Black over Tan with Red carpets. I added extra detail like seat belts and the carpet (the carpet I used red flocked-paper).
Here is a picture of my Detail Cars 1:43 512 TR ltd ed. and in the foreground, a 348 ts:

[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]In October 2002, Kyosho will make their North American debut of 1:18 scale 308 GTB and 308 GTB QV models...[/quote]

(I found out later, that the 308 GTB QV will be released next year)
Yes, yes, I like it, I LIKE IT...

Its well established that wire mesh does little for filtration (well, it keeps rocks and small birds out of the engine), but it does look cool.... 8)

I can't remember who makes it (Exoto?), but there's a 1:18 Ford GT40, that is absolutely PERFECT in detail. The most intricate of parts (like safety-wiring on fasteners, scoops, wire-mesh filters on stacks, etc.) are accurately replicated. This detail comes at a price though... One shop had it for $300 Cdn... Maybe even more than that.
Tom, should I dare ask how much the 1/5th Enzo costs???? :oops:

Barry, when I inquired to my supplier for the Kyosho 308, he said they were the worst to deal with. Their release dates are to be taken with a grain-of-salt. It was supposed to arrive last month, but no word yet... :cry:

He mentioned the other companies, like Autoart are one of the best. They have very efficient distributors that stock many of each model. They have always been on time for release dates. Its too bad they don't make Ferrari models...
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