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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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Hello everyone!!!! :) I am new here, but the first thing I noticed was the scale car thread. I collect 1/18 scale Ferraris, and I really enjoy them. I have 82 cars to date and counting.
Enzo250GTO said:
Welcome to the forum. Wow thats a huge collection you have. If you can fit them all in one picture I'd love to see them.
As soon as I can figure out how to post a pic,I will show them to you all. I recently added a 550 barchetta in black, but it is not in the pic.
They're actually in a room, no way would I keep them in the garage. It is a pain to have to clean them once a month, but I do it with 'love'. Also, thanks for noticing the way I match the colors and models together. I'm always looking to add to my collection, and yes the 1/43rd have better detail. Too bad I could never afford to buy 82 of them, that's why I stick with the 18's. It allows me to show my passion and obsession with Ferrari. My friends think I'm crazy, but once they see the collection they appreciate my desire for Ferrari.
I see your point DJ, because no matter what I do-the dust keeps creeping in!!! But honestly I can't figure out a way to display all of my cars without having a dust problem.
I have my 'babies' behind sliding glass doors, yet the dust still manages to get in!!! I can only imagine if they were out in the open!!! :eek:
Dj Dirk said:
there are glass sliding doors in front of it??
didn't notice it, i use it too, but there isn't that much dust.

I know what you mean when you tell people that you collect, they call you nuts, waste of money and stuff like that.
Untill they see my collection
They are usually suprised by it, and think it's amazing
Yes, I do have glass doors on them. But, I removed them for the picture.
FerRory said:
Hello everybody

I got a nice Ferrari collection the all are 1/18 except one formule 1 car.
I have 14 street cars one formule 1 launch edition and a Formule 1 car 1/18

They all are red except the 360 modena I got it from my mom and I still wants to buy a red one.

Most of the cars are from Burago and mattel and one forum aston.

I got a 355 and he is from majorrete is not so good as the rest.
How long have you been collecting scale models?
Too bad they don't make a 308 in 1/18th! I had heard a rumor awhile back saying that Mattel was developing one....but that's it :x
[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]Tifoso:

[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]In October 2002, Kyosho will make their North American debut of 1:18 scale 308 GTB and 308 GTB QV models...[/quote]

(I found out later, that the 308 GTB QV will be released next year)[/quote]

COOOL!! :p Thanks Peter for that great news!
Dj Dirk said:
damn, i love the 333 sp.
I never seen the car in real life :(
Here's a pic of my 333 sp's
I was lucky enough to see it race twice!! You can't believe the sound that V12 makes! Besides, the car is very beautiful....
Dj Dirk said:
T-Boy got any pics of those events??
Actually I do, but I'm gonna have to put them on a picture disc in order to post them. It was a few years ago when the 333sp was at it's peak, the events took place in college station, Texas @the Texas World speedway. I saw the momo, scandia, and the Lista 333's race. I remember seeing Moretti, Papis, Taylor, Theys,and the late great Michele alboretto drive!
It was great!!! You haven't lived until you've stood next to the fence while a Ferrari V12 comes screaming by at 200mph!!!!! It literally takes your breath away :p
Just added #'s 83 & 84 to my collection! An F40 and F512M both in red , and both from mattel.
I cleaned my collection yesterday...and it took me 4hrs!!!!!! :eek:
We've all invested too much time and effort (not to mention$$$$) not to take care of our collection. If you're gonna have a collection of that size, you have to take care of it....that's the way I see it

Do you collect as an investment :question: Or is more just the joy of having rare models :question: Or maybe a little of both :question: ...just curious. As for me, I don't look at it as money maker in the future. I will probably end up giving them to my future children,,,,,,, :eek:
Which would you say is you're rarest model :question:

Where do you buy most of your models from :question:
I get mine from a variety of places....Stores, catalog, internet, Ebay, and family/friends (although they have a hard time finding one that I don't have :green: )......
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