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Scale collectors

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I was wondering
Since i'm a huge scale models collector, if there where any ohter people on the board who collect to.
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I have some

I have a collection of I think 14 (5 Ferraris). In late May I will take pictures of them and post them on here. This is the only picture I have on this computer, it a picture of the Diablo. I was trying to take a picture that doesn't allow the viewer to know its true size by giving nothing to scale it to.
that pic is pretty cool done
its a 1/18th from burrago wright??
Yes, that is a cool picture Andrew. :D

My collection now has 54 cars, the majority are 1:18 scale, with a few 1:24. Most are Ferrari's, but I also have marques from all over Europe (Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar). I have a few concept cars... the list goes on.

I should take a picture of my collection, how do you use this attachment feature? I'd like to post in the meantime, a pic of my 1:18 Ferrari 328 GTS.

Wow thats a huge collection. All of mine are 1:18. Here is a link I think all in this post will like.
360 and 550

Here is a picture of a 360 and 550. I took a bunch but most turned out bad, regular film is better for this kind of photography than a digital camera.
My collection contains about 120 Ferrari's at 1/43
about a dozen Le Mans & CanAm's at 1/43

most of my 1/18 are packted in boxes (don't like the details on them anymore like the Burrago's)
and probably my coolest cars are the F50 & Mercedes CLK GTR at 1/12th
i'll post some pics of them, but how do I get it like an attachement like you are doing in this post Andrew??

Sorry, I had attachments disabled for this forum, and because I am the admin I can attach in any forum. I'll add that option now.
here's a pic of the 1/12th F50 with open roaf


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Here's the 1:18 328 GTS in my collection:


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It was made by Tamiya in 1997 on 1/12th
it should be a limit edition but i don't know how many
but i do you that 2 months after i bought it it was nower available anymore
the car had arrived at the store in the morning and i bought it in the afternoon, the second one was sold the same evening.

Peter i like the 328, you don't really seem them that much on scale

here are some more pics from the F50

Who made the 1:18 328?
Scale models

I haven't seen any scale models of a 308 GTS. Does anyone know of where they can be found if any?
Sorry for the late reply Barry:

The 328 model was made by Anson. It is no longer in production. A few sometimes come up for sale on Ebay...


In October 2002, Kyosho will make their North American debut of 1:18 scale 308 GTB and 308 GTB QV models...
Re: $$$!

Enzo250GTO said:
More than I would pay for a model but check this out. Very nice looking.
those are the ones that are made by BBR for Ferrari, only for sale at Ferrari stores. I have one.
Magoo, BBR has 308's
Thanks Peter. It's a very handsome model.
308 GTS

Peter, Thanks, I wonder when they will produce a 308 GTS? This is what I am trying to find.
I think they're making it as well... Not sure...
Re: 308 GTS

Magoo said:
Peter, Thanks, I wonder when they will produce a 308 GTS? This is what I am trying to find.
Here you go:
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